Emergency medicine as it should be!


For a long time I have wanted to do Emergency Medicine – Although I wasn’t able to truly justify why I found it that attractive?

I went to the Emergency Department at Mayo Clinic Saint Marys Hospital in Rochester to experience what Emergency Medicine is all about…

And what I have experienced the last two weeks have been absolutely magnificent!


I have first and foremost seen qualified professional Emergency Medicine physicians doing exactly what they are meant to do – They lead and run the emergency department in a way that I find extremely professional. Their role is to be able to receive all medical or surgical acute patients –From the little boy with a sore throat, to the multi trauma patient and the elderly lady with cardiac arrest. They manage the immediately stabilization, initial diagnostic evaluation and treatment of all acutely ill patients.


I have experienced the fact, that there is rarely a need for other specialities in the Emergency Department – They do not spent all their time trying to figure out whom to call – they manage all different types of situations and perform a high quality of initial treatment.


Everyone have been incredibly welcoming and willing to introduce me to their health care system. I have noticed, what I think is an incredibly high job satisfaction – and I find it interesting to see that they actually choose to work in the ED.


In Denmark, we do not have an individually specialty in Emergency Medicine. Many especially young physicians in Denmark does not favour the ED, and does not recognize an actual future for staying in the ED, because of the missing acknowledgement of the specialty, inadequate supervising and lacking cooperation with other departments.  Now that I have seen how it is possible to practice emergency medicine, I only find it even more unreasonable that the Emergency Physician isn’t a part of the Emergency Department in Denmark.

However I believe that one day we will get there 🙂


Katrine Lindvig, Stud med.

SOFAS Odense

Emergency Medicine ROCKS! 🙂


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